SoundXtra Floor Speaker Mount for Denon HEOS 1 & HEOS 3 - Black


  • $112.49
  • Save $37.50

The Denon HEOS 3 standards bring the speakers at ideal listening height, clear of the surface and improves the overall appearance of your favorite music. Designed exclusively for the HEOS 3 so that the standard fits perfectly with the speaker.

The standard was produced in the UK under high quality standards. As the standard of high quality steel with a matte white exists - or black coating suitable to your HEOS 3. The standard design is sound disseminated as possible. Supplied with two attachments so that the standard is suitable for the HEOS HEOS 1 and 3.

  • Simple assembly and fitting      
  • Steel and aluminium construction with cable management
  • Supplied with two speaker brackets for Heos1 (can be used with and without Go-Pack), and Heos 3 Speakers held in vertical position only.
  • Height 794mm
  • Base 350mm x 240mm
  • Supplied with spikes for carpeted floors and a adjustable ABS/rubber feet for tiled and wood floor